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The book of your life: CONTENTS
Each copy of WHO I AM is compiled and individually printed according to the exact details of the owner’s birth (time of birth, date of birth, place of birth). Because there are hardly two people in the world who were born at the same minute at the same place, each book is 100 percent one-of-a-kind, a work of worldwide uniqueness – as unique as you are yourself.

On approximately 220 pages – printed according to high-quality standards with your name on each page – WHO I AM contains your detailed horoscope. As an individual birth horoscope it does not tell you when certain events will occur but is more an astrological reflection of your personality, your lifelong companion. Here you will find everything on your relationship to love, partnership, sexuality, health, creativity, career, family and your subconscious.

Fascinating details
Of course the book contains an illustration of your birth horoscope but in addition to this also shows tables with configurations of all the planets, the so-called “aspects”. In the illustration of your horoscope you will recognize the positions of all the planets in your horoscope and the distribution of the individual “houses”. All these astrological facts make up the basis for the individual compilation of your book. In particular, the following details are dealt with specifically:

- the influence of the four elements, their dynamics and the signs in your birth horoscope (with an illustration of your personal birth horoscope)
- the difficult aspects in your horoscope (conjunction, square and opposition)
- the easy aspects in your horoscope (sextile and trine)
- the so-called “small” aspects in your horoscope (semi-sextile and semi-square)
- how the 12 houses are occupied in your horoscope. Here, a detailed look is taken at which house is influenced by which sign, which planets occupy which houses in your horoscope and under which signs they stand. In this way, extensive interpretations are possible regarding the important topics in life: among others - your relationship to your own personality, to intellect, your family, love, creativity, career, health, partnership, sexuality, death, philosophy, social position, friendships, the subconscious, money and possessions
- your ascendant and its particular significance for you
- the positions of the planets in your houses
- the positions of the planets in your signs

Download a demo-book
You can download a complete demonstration copy >>> here (pdf. file, you require Acrobat Reader, 478 KB), in order to test for yourself the comprehensiveness and quality of the contents of WHO I AM
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