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Right of return
As WHO I AM is an item that is individually made to customer specifications and is tailored to the personal needs of the customer, the legal right of return is not valid in this case.

For all non-personalized articles in the shop system, the legal right of return is valid.

A. General

An order can be revoked within two weeks of receipt of goods. The return must be made in writing per e-mail, fax, letter or by sending back the goods. For compliance with the deadline, the time and date of the postmark is the determining factor. A reason for the return need not be stated.

B. Exceptions to right of return

B.1 Goods that have been manufactured to customer specifications or are obviously tailored to the personal needs of the customer.

B.2 Goods that, due to their nature, are not suitable for a return, that are perishable or have exceeded their best-before-date (flowers, perishable foods etc.) Not excluded are wine, tea, coffee etc.

B.3 Audio or video recordings as well as software as soon as the seal of the data carrier has been broken by the user.

C. Rescission of contract

The contract is annulled with the exercise of right of return within the period stipulated. Contractual details already fulfilled are to be returned or repaid. Should you have applied for a loan together with the contract to finance wares or services, this also comes under the terms of right of return. Payments already made will be repaid to you by cheque.

D. Return shipments

In the case of a return, please return goods to the following address:

Realis Verlags-GmbH
Sämannstr. 14a
82166 Gräfelfing

Please affix sufficient postage as the surcharge can otherwise cause higher costs. Should your return fulfil all necessary requirements, your postage will be reimbursed or you will receive a dispatch form in advance. This request does not affect your legal rights.
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